June 19th – August 31st

Back for its 3rd year Axis Hockey Systems is bringing Elite on & off ice training to Lucan. Joining Axis Hockey Systems this summer with off-ice training is WholeFit and Adrenaline MMA Training.

This ELITE level curriculum allows your athlete an opportunity to further their development utilizing a 360 degree focus both in mind and body. The program has been fine tuned from a combined 40 years of professional hockey experience, accumulated at the OHL, AHL, KHL and NHL levels.

Register by filling out the registration form at the bottom of this page, AND e-Transfer payment to [email protected] Instalment payments are accepted. 1st payment at registration to secure your spot & full payment by June 1st, 2023

2009+ and 2010

$2600 + HST = $3277 – TOTAL
$1469 – Due at Registration to Secure Spot
$1469 – Due prior to June 1st


40.5 Hours of Elite On-Ice Development
66 Hours of Strength and Conditioning, Overall Fitness/Nutrition Education
11 Hours of Satellite Workouts

9 Hours of MMA / Fight Fundamentals

2013/2014 and 2011 and 2012 and GIRLS 2009/2010/2011/2012

$1750 + HST = $1977.50 – TOTAL
$988.75 – Due at Registration to Secure Spot
$988.75 – Due prior to June 1st


27 Hours of Elite On-Ice Development
22 Hours of Strength and Conditioning, Overall Fitness/Nutrition Education

Arena Information: 

Lucan Memorial Arena


865 Florence St, London, ON N5W 6G6

WHOLEFIT Fitness Facility

Lucan Memorial Arena & Wholefit


6244 William St., Lucan ON, N0M 2J0

Sport-Specific Strength Training with WholeFit When it comes to sport-specific strength training, WholeFit provides the developing athlete every opportunity to realize their full potential. We achieve this by combining scientific understanding of the human mind and body with effective strategies for long-term growth and strength development. This ensures results in both the near future, as well as the education to safely maintain life-long fitness – an important skill for every young athlete.

Education First: How We Empower and Measure for Results WholeFit takes an education-first approach to coaching, emphasizing the proven science behind athletics. It is one of the key components to the WholeFit Method as well as our success with athletes. Enrolling in a WholeFit program guarantees that each athlete will be coached on their overall choices and habits, both on and off the ice. We measure progress using our partner app “Woodify” where we can easily and efficiently track performance metrics to consistently monitor progress.

Meet the Coaches The WholeFit coaches represent a wide range of athletic backgrounds and abilities.

Coach Jon Celestino (BSc. Biochemistry, CFL2, CanFit Pro, TwoBrain Nutrition, KCA Coach Cert., Weight Lifting L1) Coach Jon is a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology, an NAIA D1 Baseball School where he attended on full scholarship. Coach Jon played amateur baseball in Venezuela and after graduation, went on to play for the London Majors before becoming owner/operator and head coach of WholeFit. A talented and experienced group fitness coach, Jon has dedicated the past decade to enhancing the athletic performance of individuals of all ages and abilities. With a passion for fitness and a commitment to empowering his clients, Coach Jon is dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.

Coach Chett Binning (MSc., Founder of Brain Ignition) Coach Chett combines academic science and functional nutrition training, providing individuals the tools to improve their performance potential. While studying at Carleton University in Ottawa, Coach Chett played four years for the Ravens, Carleton’s hockey team. Today he serves as the Scientific Specialist and Educator for ATP Labs premium grade supplements, working regularly with athletes and fitness enthusiasts on their unique nutritional needs for optimal physical performance.

Katherine (Coach Kat) Bailey (OCT, CFL1) Coach Kat’s unique blend of pro hockey and teaching certifications give her exceptional skills for delivering impactful lessons. In addition to being an Ontario Certified Teacher, Bailey played for the University of Guelph women’s hockey team before she went on to play for Toronto in the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA.) Athletes will benefit from Bailey’s teaching talent and years of elite athletic experience both on the ice and in the gym.

The WholeFit Method prioritizes building foundational elements as a necessary base to sport-specific skills: Nutrition, Mobility & Motor Control, General Strength, and finally Sport-Specific Training. It is best described as a pyramid to embody the philosophy that a strong and resilient structure can only be built on a strong foundation. WholeFit provides the training and knowledge required to improve on the three base levels outlined below, ensuring Krys and Jamie have the best foundations to build upon once athletes get on the ice.

Three-Phase Approach Our strategy for strength training is a three-phrase approach over the 11- week training period.

Phase 1: Testing and Theory (Week 1) Our first two weeks will focus on understanding movement, motor control, “gym culture” and nutrition. Lessons will include methodology for increasing ranges of motion while ensuring muscular development. We help our athletes develop strength in the end ranges to help prevent injury while training. We will cover nutrition fundamentals to support athletes in proper recovery thus maximizing their workouts and on-ice training sessions. Through a series of initial and ongoing tests, we will develop an understanding of each athlete’s base metrics, monitoring to ensure progress is made over the 11-week period.

Phase 2: GPP and Strength (Weeks 2-5) Phase 2 will prioritize building the athlete’s maximum strength. The ability to move increasingly heavier amounts of weight in short periods of time will be the main focus. The strategy implemented to decide weight increases is always relative to the testing done in Phase 1. This helps us as coaches keep athletes safe while progressing in a timely manner. Conditioninging Phase 2 will be primarily focused on improving aerobic strength and aerobic threshold. Thiswill prepare the athletes for Phase 3 of the program.

Phase 3: Sport Specific Training (Weeks 6-10) Phase 3 will prepare the athlete for game-time speeds and ultimately, the beginning of tryouts/season play. In this phase, the main priority is anaerobic strength and endurance with sessions designed to condition the anaerobic energy system. Our weightlifting component will consist of movements and weight loads that allow for more speed than Phase 2, while maintaining technique and intensity for the defined time frames. Defined time frames are based on the maximum performance capacity for hockey: 30s-1m30s windows.

Important Note on Safety Please note that our three-phase approach will be age specific for a number of health-related reasons. Recent studies suggest that weight lifting in younger ages, such as in adolescent athletes, promotes human growth hormone and other positive functions of the body that support the development of the athlete. However, like strength training at any age, technique and mobility will need to be considered when progressing athletes forward. For all groups we will be using a graduated teaching system involving benchmark levels of movement to be sure safety remains the number one priority in their development. The diagram below outlines examples of our graduated method for measuring and improving primary lifts such as the squat, deadlift, and bench press.


Adrenaline Training Centre is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and athletic training facility that specializes in enhancing all levels of athletic performance and personal fitness.

Meet the Instructors:

Mark Hominick

is an undefeated kickboxing champion with an MMA career that has seen him capture & defend the TKO Featherweight Championship title 9 times.

Sam Stout

is a retired Canadian professional mixed martial artist. A professional from 2003 until 2015, Stout is best known for his 20-fight stint with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, winning Fight of the Night honors seven times. He is also the former TKO Major League MMA Lightweight Champion.

Meet The Axis Instructors

Krys Barch

was born in Hamilton, Ontario. He played the majority of his minor hockey, for Dundas Ontario at the Single A level; later playing Triple A for the Halton Hurricanes and Guelph Platers. At the age of 14, Krys played Tier 2 Junior A for the Georgetown Raiders. Two years later he was drafted to the OHL where he played 3 years for the London Knights. Following his Junior hockey career, Krys was drafted by the Washington Capitals. He went on to play 14 years of professional hockey; 8 of which were at the NHL level.

Adam Gibb

is a Statford local growing up in the Stratford & Huron Perth Lakers programs along with 4 years of Junior hockey playing experience attending the Sarnia Sting training camp in 2015.  Once Adam hung up his playing skates he put on his coaching hat and has spent the last 5+ years coaching in the Huron Perth Lakers organization.  Most recently in 2022 coaching the 2009 Huron Perth Lakers to an All-Ontario AAA Championship, an undefeated Alliance season and coaching in the Quebec Peewee International Tournament alongside Krys Barch.  This year as a non-parent coach Adam is back with the 2009 Lakers, assisting Axis Hockey Systems as an on-ice instructor and looking forward to coaching an Axis Spring Hockey team along with the 2010 Best of the Best Alliance group.

Axis Hockey Systems focuses on:

Skating Development Focus – Proper technique in all skating aspects (stride forward/backward, agility/edge work, utilization of cross overs/taking angles to pucks, manipulation of ice, dictating space and play, increase speed in all facets, etc).

Puck Skills – Offensive maneuvers, deception, puck protection, passing (forehand, backhand, saucer, receiving/accepting passes).

Positional Skills – Specific Defence and Forward development focused on maximizing the individual skills related to each position.

Shot – wrist/snap shot, backhand, slap shot, release/velocity/accuracy, changing angles, utilizing screens/traffic, etc.

Hockey Sense – Reading what is a and what is to come, evolve the importance of a “play away from the puck” mentality, defensive & offensive awareness/positioning/decisions. Increasing overall hockey intellect.

Character/Compete – Build confidence in self and teammates, push to a level of healthy uncomfortable allowing a growth in mind and body. Build the want and ability to absorb hard areas (puck battles, net front, corners/wall work).

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