• Position Specific Development
    • Defense – Examples | 3 Zone Defending, Puck Retrievals/Evasiveness, Puck Support, Rush Activation, NZ Transport, Off the Rush IQ, Blue Line Offense, Etc.
    • Forwards – Examples | Defense to Offense Transition, Defensive IQ, Puck Takeaway Skills, DZ Wall Exits, Area Awareness/Creating Space, Puck Support, Off the Rush Offense, Low Possession Offense, Soft Area Shooting Awareness, Offensive IQ, Etc.
  • Puck Skills/Offensive Maneuvers/Pace in Possession – Breakdown and Buildup of Offensive Maneuvers, developing an element of deception in turn creating space for enhanced puck moving options and Grade “A” Scoring Chances.
  • Overall Hockey IQ – Defensive and Offensive Awareness. Increased Effectiveness on Play Away from the Puck.
  • European Small Area Games – Tight Areas, High Skill and an Increased Speed Environment.

Cost: $60 / skate